Crafted with Attitude



Those Crazy dudes who left their well-paid, 401K, healthcare-provided jobs...

We have worked for corporate restaurants our entire careers, but we'll be nice and not name them :-). We were always told that our "joy" was to "make someone's day".  To be honest, There's a pleasure in exceeding a guest's expectations and creating a great memory.  But, we soon found that corporate restaurants didn't really care about the guests.  Our responsibilities mainly concerned pulling processed garbage from the freezer...Slinging it as fast as we could...Turning and burning! Oh, and don't worry about your employees!

We decided to leave that life, and go back to our roots!  Our goal is to make great memories, while taking great care of our employees. How do we do that?  Well first off, we don't have employees!  Everyone you see on our truck is a partner!  Second, we take pride in using fresh ingredients.  That delicious fried bread?  We fry it fresh for every event!  That brisket?  We make it fresh with our own secret recipe!  Those onions?  Probably bought at the same store where you buy your onions, and we shed a few tears while we sliced them!  Those perfect fries?  We cut each spud on a mandoline (my knuckles have had MANY close calls!).  You may wait a few minutes for your food, but please know it's fresh and made with Rock-n-Roll love! and that smile you see when it's delivered? It's because we know it's good, and we enjoyed making it for you to enjoy. Rock on, Friends!

"For Those about to rock, WE SALUTE YOU!"....



Street truck #204 rolled in from the mean streets of New York City and the dream came alive!  The rock stop n roll truck started its life as a street crew truck in Boston and then New York but it had a dream to be more!  LOL....Seriously this truck was a city maintenance truck in both Boston and New York before being transformed into the Bad-Ass, Rockin' and Rollin', music inspired  extravaganza it is!  Take a look at the legends hangin' out in the clouds.  Plus we picked up the Ramones on the back door !

We had the idea to take the music we love and transform it into some of our and we hope to be some of your favorite dishes.  We are a little different than your average food truck but hey being different is good and adds some spice to every day life.  So check us out and remember ... KEEP ON ROCKIN' 

-"Big B" and "J-Rock"






Available for public events and available for private events!  Contact us at or (937) 245-1602!